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Skype/ Facetime lessons

Fiddle tuition with Gordon
(One 60 minute lesson for 30)

These online lessons can be tailored to your individual needs and are geared towards players from lower intermediate abilities and up to advanced level of performance.

Contact Gordon to arrange a lesson and then a time that suits can be arranged.

After many enquiries for online fiddle tuition, I'm now pleased to announce that online one to one tuition is now available using Skype. Online lessons can never replace the quality of in-person fiddle lessons. However lessons via Skype is an excellent way for students to have lessons with tutors that are not exactly on their door step or for students in areas when travel options are an issue. These lessons with Gordon can be tailored to the student's individual specific requirements. The lessons are available in 60 minute slots and payable via Paypal.

To take advantage of these lessons, you will need:

  • A Skype account - visit to set this up and test if your connection is suitable.
  • You'll need a high quality broadband connection, and a computer with a good microphone and webcam in order to have a fiddle lesson via Skype.
  • A quiet room with good lighting so you won't be disturbed during the lesson.
  • Access to a printer would also be an advantage so any music requested can be e-mailed prior to the lesson.
  • Once payment is received I will e-mail you to arrange a suitable time for your Skype lesson. I can also advise on webcam and microphone setup so we can both see and hear each other properly using the system.
  • These Skype lessons are not suitable for beginners but are suitable for lower intermediate abilities up to advanced level of performance.


So email me at for any other information you may require.


Gordon is in great demand as a fiddle tutor passing on his great skills, technique and tunes not only to pupils during one to one lessons in Caithness but has also taught for - Fis Rois, Sahbal Mr Ostaig short courses, Fis Chataibh, Orkney Trad Music Project, Newcastle Folkworks Course, Glasgow Fiddle Workshop, Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin, Fisean Nan Gidheal, Edinburgh Fiddle Festival, Benbecula College, Fis Sp along with special teaching trips to the USA & Canada.

He is held in great regard by his many pupils, and is producing fantastic results with a whole new generation of players.

Gordon is also one of the tutors on the NC course at The National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music in Plockton.

Gordon Gunn