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Iain Fraser - Gneiss

Iain Fraser – Gneiss


New music composed by Ian Fraser and commissioned by Feis Rois to celebrate 30 years of The Adult Feis. Music inspired by the people and landscape of Dingwall, Gairloch and Ullapool.


Looking forward to being a part of this new project and album launch.




Tulloch Castle Dingwall on Wednesday the 27th of April at 7.30pm

Poolewe Community Hall on Thursday the 28th of April at 7.30pm

The MacPhail Centre Ullapool on Saturday the 30th of April at 7.30pm


Gigs News 2022 - At Last !

Session A9 will be at Sabhal Mor Ostaig on Skye for a new short course hosted by the college from Monday the 11th of April to Friday the 15th 2022.


The course will feature fiddle classes and groupwork classes throughout the week, along with evening sessions.A week not to be missed. 

For more information visit 



Cattachs and Gallachs of the Grey Coast 


Featuring George Gunn poems & stories – Andy Thorburn piano – Gordon Gunn fiddle 


Appearing at The Ceilidh Place Ullapool on Saturday the 16th of April


Cattachs and Gallachs of the Grey Coast is the eclectic and dynamic result of three of Scotland’s finest artists creating a magical evening of music and poetry that celebrates several decades of collaboration. This is music and poetry created in the Far North of Scotland marking the landscapes and seascapes of Caithness and Sutherland. This music and these words both fly over the Pentland Firth and rise out of the bogs and mountains, touching on and born from the contrasting musical and poetical traditions of two of Scotland’s most majestic counties.


Here's a link to a sample of the poems and music from the show 






My New Recording Studio - The Caithness Mix Room

Over the past few months I've been beavering away putting together my new studio in Wick and now The Caithness Mix Room is my new space for writing / recording / mixing and mastering in my home town of Wick.

After years of visiting many great studios throughout the the UK, I've always yearned for my own space to work that suits my needs and now it's up and running I'm delighted with final result.

The room is based around my Pro Tools setup using Universal Apollo interfaces and Universal Audio Mic Pre Amps and countless UAD plugins.

My recording setup is also portable so I'm able to record projects in various locations and then bring it back to Wick for editing and mixing.

Mastering has been a big part of my life for many years, as before turning to be a full time professional musician and tutor I was a full time mastering engineer for Grampian Records. I've continued mastering over the years using various studios but delighted to have my own new studio up and running.

The studio also hosts a terrific array of sample libraries for orchestral, drum and pianos samples.

Online session work is also available and just some of the most recent sessions I've recorded at the Caithness Mix Room can be heard on Tim Edey's latest album and also Blair Douglas's December 2016 release.

Please don't hesitate to contact me about the studio for your new project and CD mastering, just visit the contact page. 



Wick to Wickham CD Reviews

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