Wick to Wickham
1  Woodlea Mount/ Blue Reel/ The Earl’s Chair
2  Money, Stories, Fame…Stuff/ Boy On A Headland
3  Ardessie
4  Fleur de Mandragore/ Over The Moors To Maggie
5  Atlantic Forest/ Nearly Not/ Colonel Penguin
6  The Osmosis Reel/ Alasdair’s Reel/ The Grey Coast Reel   
7  Rob of the Strath   
8  Philip and Marina Anderson of Springlands/ Lime Hill
/ McKinnon’s Brook/ Hamish The Carpenter
9  Shop St   
10  Wick to Wickham/ Anna & Bob Rowe of Plockton/ The Black Stairs
Wick to Wickham - CDTRAX 381
Musicians: Gordon Gunn – fiddle, Brian McAlpine – keyboards and accordion, Phil Anderson – guitar on tracks 1,2,3,4,5,8, Marc Clement – guitar on tracks 6,7,9,10, David ‘Chimp’ Robertson – snare and percussion, Tim Edey – melodeon, Marc Duff – whistle, Gordon Gunn – bass

".....there's a richness and variety to the music that goes way beyond a 'standard' Scottish fiddle album...."

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(£12 + Worldwide P&P)

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Session A9
1  Wedding Polkas – The Surfing Bride, Rufus and Molly’s Wedding Polka, One for Oliver   
2  The Bellydancer
3  These Days
4  Lady Montgomery, Mutts Favourite, Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes   
5  Miller of Dron, Patsy Reid’s Visit to the Alvie Bothy
6  Dig a Little Well for Zoe
7  The Birds Have Gone   
8  Ridee, Ceridwen & Martin’s Nusa Lembongian Wedding
9  One For The Road
Session A9’s most recent album features the fiddles of – Charlie McKerron, Gordon Gunn, Adam Sutherland and Kevin Henderson. With superb accompaniment from Brian McAlpine on piano, Marc Clement on guitar and vocals and David ‘Chimp’ Robertson on percussion.

“A must buy album”

(£12 + UK P&P)
(£12 + Worldwide P&P)

Cost £12.00 UK delivery = £2.50 Rest of world delivery = £4.50

Musical Map of Caithness
1  Introduction to the Musical Map of Caithness
2  The Grey Cairns of Camster
3  Intro to The Castle of Mey
4  The Castle of Mey Waltz
5  Intro to Dunnet Head
6  Burifa Hill (Dunnet Head)
7  Intro to Castlehill Heritage Centre
8  Castlehill Heritage Centre
9  Intro to Wick Heritage Centre
10  Wick Heritage Centre   
11  Intro to Whaligeo Steps
12  Whaligeo Steps
13  Intro to Waterlines
14  Waterlines Lybster
15  Intro to Dunbeath Heritage Centre
16  Dunbeath Heritage Centre
17  Intro to Badbea
18  Badbea   
19  Intro to Old Pulteney Distillery
20  Whisky Sun (Old Pulteney Distillery)
21  Intro to Caithness Horizons
22  Caithness Horizons
23  Intro to John O’Groats
24  The Song of John O’Groats   
The Musical Map Of Caithness – Gordon Gunn & Friends CTM 1011
Musicians: Gordon Gunn – fiddle / mandolin / keyboards / bass / organ / string parts / drum programming / percussion, Phil Anderson – vocals /acoustic & electric guitars / bass / drum programming, Billy Peace – accordion, Dougie Pincock – whistles, Alastair MacDonald – accordion, Becky Milne – clarinet, Grant Lyall – pipe band snare drum

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(£11.99 + Worldwide P&P)

Cost £11.99 UK delivery = £2.50 Rest of world delivery = £4.50

1  Mulvihill’s, The Galway Rambler, Bobby Casey’s No.2,
Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie’s Reel   
2  J.D Peace of Shoreside, Ton & Mima’s Golden Wedding, The Dragon
3  Dna Bourrees, Montgomery Bell Waltz
4  LaGigue A M.Lasante, Le Reel Des Quatre Fers En L’air, Reel Beatrice
5  Orkney   
6  Derrane’s Reel, Dublin Porter, The Missing Sign Post, Andy Brown’s Reel
7  Castlebay Scrap, Mouth of the Tobique, Mittens Breakdown
8  Return To The Brandy Wine
9  The Barrowburn Reel, Walking On the Moon, Elliot’s Fancy, John Keith Laing   
10  Slow Air For Margaret
11  Hogties Reel, The Wooden Whale
12  Nancy Finlayson
13  Salton de Candamu, Dos Salees, Donald MacLean’s Jig
14  The Fair Dancer Reel, The Mason’s Apron
(£12 + UK P&P)
(£12 + Worldwide P&P)

Gordon Gunn Band - "Shoreside" Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX 204 (2000)
Musicians: Gordon Gunn – fiddle / mandolin, Phil Anderson – guitar / bass / percussion / keyboards, Billy Peace – piano / accordion / percussion, with guests Ian MacKay – double bass & Andy Thorburn - piano

"Shoreside is a CD of high quality. Fine musicianship, good material and excellent programming ensure that interest is maintained throughout. Treat yourself, you won't be disappointed." Living Tradition

Gordon Gunn