Studio services - The Caithness Mix Room

  • Mastering for CD streaming and vinyl
  • Audio restoration
  • Mixing


Mastering is the last stage of recording process and is a very important link between the artist, the recording studio and finally the replication plant.

A mastering engineer can be that fresh pair of ears in a different environment that can advise on any issues that need to be addressed or may refer the mix back to the mix engineer for modifications as we’re striving for the best possible product on the final mastered files.

For CD manufacture, we use DDP masters to send to your replication plant. This is by far a more reliable option than burning discs and is an extremely robust format which also has its own built in error checking system.

The DDP master can be transferred online to the client for approval, and you can download a DDP player (Mac or PC) saving valuable time rather than posting discs out to you. What you get on the DDP master will be exactly the same as your final replicated CDs.

Please transfer your masters online to us in the bit depth and sample rate that the files were recorded at. Sample rate conversion will be done at the end of the mastering process.

Audio restoration

As well as mastering I also offer audio restoration work. This can be in the form of removing clicks, crackles, amp hum, any type of backround noise, reduce wind noise, room reverb and address wow and flutter issues. This can be on the final stereo mix or on individual tracks of a mix. Vinyl, cassette or digital sources can all be catered for.

Mixing service

Mixing your audio project to your specifications. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.


UAD and Avid Hardware and a huge collection of UAD, Fabfilter, Waves, Brainworx and Oeksound plugins.

Monitoring by Neumann DSP and Avantone.


“Gordon Gunn is my go-to mastering engineer. He works fast and the result is always great. If there is something that could be done better in the mix, he will let you know which frequencies are causing the issues. I would totally recommend Gordon to other musicians and producers!”

Olav Luksengård Mjelva - Klangsmia Lydstudio in Os, Norway -

"Gordon really cares about the music and the product that’s being produced. Always reliable and very easy to work with which is why we always collaborate with Gordon for our musical projects.”    
Iain MacFarlane & Ingrid Henderson, Old Laundry Studio, Glenfinnan  -

“Since Gordon set up his own mastering room, we have recorded approximately 50 albums on the Pan label which all been mastered by Gordon. I find him a very discerning individual who leaves behind a perfect job”.             
Robert Cameron - Pan Records -

Gordon Gunn